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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Little painters! - A vocabulary class game


Divide the students into two teams; Team A and Team B. Write on the board the new words; island, eye, mouth, nose, hand, arm, ear, leg, wave, swim. Give to Team A small colorful cards and on each one of them write the words; island, eye, mouth, nose, hand with their Greek meaning underneath. Give to Team B another set of cards and on each one write the words; arm, ear, leg, wave, swim with their Greek meaning. Give to the Teams 2 seconds to have a look at their cards. Then, give them a blank piece of paper and ask them to draw the pictures of the words written on their cards. The time they have at their disposal is 2 minutes! After the time is up, Team A shows to Team B the paper. Team B looks at the words on the board and shouts out the words that they believe they fit to each picture. Afterwards, the other team takes turn at guessing which words match with the pictures. For each correct answer, the Teams get 1 point! If their answer is incorrect, they do not lose points! The Team with the most points wins the game and earns 2 stickers! Give 1 sticker to the other team to reward them for their try!

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