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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Are Some Characteristics of a Proactive Student?

Proactive students function well in groups and as individuals. They show respect for teachers by being punctual, participating in lessons and working with limited direction. Characteristics of proactive students include confidence, self-awareness and the ability to function as a team. They also show initiative, are able to make decisions and can solve problems.
Proactive Personality
All positive attributes in a student stem from being proactive. Proactive students show initiative and take action to achieve their goals. These students problem-solve and make decisions for their educational path. The proactive student is often drawn toward entrepreneurship. These students do well in online courses in which they must accept responsibility for their education. Proactive students are typically self-sufficient in meeting deadlines. They are not easily distracted and can function with limited direction. Proactive students rely on past experiences to solve new problems. They also demonstrate a higher perception of the quality of their learning. 

Ability to Function in a Team
Proactive students work with fellow learners as a team in which the contributions and values of each person are encouraged. They understand the value of teamwork and listen to each team member to achieve goals. Proactive students tend to have good people skills. They get along well with fellow learners and teachers.

Most positive behavior qualities are not mutually exclusive. If the student possesses one of these, they typically possess many more. Proactive students tend to be confident in their ability to achieve in school and in the workforce.

Proactive students tend to be self-aware and do not focus on negative issues. They adhere to school regulations, even if they do not agree with them. Proactive students approach teachers with concerns and do not complain or talk behind their backs.

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