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Saturday, 10 January 2015

"Feed the teddy!" - A grammar class game

Divide the pupils into two teams. Write on 10 small pieces of paper the singular or the plural form of nouns (regular / irregular). Fold the papers and place them in a jar. Cut out a teddy from cardboard like this;

Each one of the teams picks up 5 papers from the jar. As soon as the jar is empty, you shout out: "Feed the teddy!". Students have 10' at their disposal to write on the teddy's belly the singular or the plural form of the noun depending on what is written on their paper. For each correct answer the teams get 2 points but for each incorrect answer they do not take any points! If there are minor mistakes in an answer give 1 point to the team(s)!  The team with the most points wins and gets 2 stickers! 

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