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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Games for Teaching Spelling

Source : Lily Mae, ehow.com 

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Proper spelling is essential for effective communication, not only for writing but for reading as well, but it can be challenging to learn given the constant inconsistencies of the English language. And because it can be challenging to learn, many become disenchanted with studying it. When teaching spelling, get students interested in the subject and help them retain spelling knowledge with games. 

Scrambled Spelling
  • Students race to unscramble a list of spelling words in this game. Divide your class into groups of two or three students and provide each group with pencils and paper. On the board, write out a spelling word with the letters in scrambled order. Groups work to rearrange the letters in the word so that they word is spelled properly. The first group to properly spell the scrambled word earns a point. Continue playing until all of your spelling words have been reviewed. The group that earns the most points wins the game.
  • The classic game of hangman is ideal for spelling practice. Divide your class into two teams. On the board, write out a number of dashes for each letter in a word that you want your students to spell. Flip a coin to determine which team will start the game. The starting team guesses a letter; if the letter is in the word, write it on the appropriate dash. If the letter is not in the word, write it on the side of the board and draw a line to represent the gallows pole. If a team guesses a correct letter, they may guess again; if they are incorrect, the opposing team goes. Continue playing, writing correct letters on their lines and adding a piece of the gallows pole and the hangman with each incorrect letter. The first team to spell the word wins the game. If the hangman is completely drawn, tell students the correct spelling of the word.

Spelling Challenge
  • Students challenge one another in this game. Randomly select two students to begin the game and have them stand at the board. Upon stating a spelling word, the two students race to write the word on the board with the correct spelling. The first student to correctly spell the word remains at the board while the other returns to his seat. Select a new student to challenge the student at the board. Continue playing in this manner until all children have had a turn.
  • Instruct students to form a single-file line and face forward. State a spelling word; the first person on the line states the first letter in the word, the second person states the second letter and so on until the word is completely spelled. The person standing next to the student who stated the last letter in the word says "sparkle" and sits out. In the event that a student doesn't know the next letter, he must also sit out. Continue playing the game in this manner until there is only one student left standing.

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