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Monday, 8 April 2013

Tips on Teaching ADHD Students

In today's classrooms it is likely that most teachers will have the opportunity to teach children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Teaching these students presents unique challenges in the classroom that require patience and the use of special methods to help control the compulsive behavior linked to the condition. By taking a few tips to heart, the teacher will be able to have a positive experience with these students and reduce any potential classroom problems.

Work With Parents
Do not try to go it alone when faced with difficulties in educating a student with ADHD. It is likely that the parents of the child have more knowledge about their son or daughter's specific case than you do. Talk with them about what they have found to be effective in the past, perhaps in previous grades, and ask them to keep an open line of communication with you to maximize the opportunities to make the child's classroom experience a good one. The parents will appreciate it, and you will gain and share valuable information. 

Physical Placement

Children with ADHD are very easily distracted by a great number of things. Without making it an obvious move, assign seats to the class and make sure that the student with ADHD is not beside a window where she may be distracted by objects or people outside. Placing the student beside the door leading to the hallway is not a good idea either since there is often foot traffic in and out that may disturb and distract the student. If there are interesting objects such as classroom pets or fish tanks in the room, arrange the child's seat where he or she cannot be distracted by the animals. 
Break Up The Routine
Those affected by ADHD have a difficult time sitting still for long periods of time. To help the student out and to give the entire class a change of pace, break up the daily routine into sessions of study that require students to sit still for awhile, followed by periods of class time that require the students to be active. 

Encourage Activity
Always encourage physical activity in students who have ADHD .The more that they are active, the easier it will be for them to sit still when the situation requires it. Ask the student to run errands for you when needed, even if it is only something that requires walking across the room to hand out papers. Also, make sure that the student is always active during recess.

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