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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

"The Magic Chair"- A vocabulary class game

Place a chair in front of the board. This will be the  “magic” chair.

Divide the pupils in two teams. One member of the first team sits in the “magic” chair. The pupil in the chair is not allowed to look at the board. The other team tells you secretly a word which you write on the board. The student’s team, who sits in the “magic” chair, tries to help its member guess the written word. His/ her team has to assist him/ her find the word by speaking only in English!

If the pupil in the chair guesses right, then his/ her team will get 2 points. If not, the 2 points will go to the other team. If the pupils do not speak in English, their team will lose 1 point. The team which will gather the most points will get as a reward 2 stickers.

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